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MeiHua is a China-based business information provider specialized in marketing intelligence service.  The company provides full category and cross-media advertising monitoring, news monitoring and custom solution for corporate communication tracking.  The service is being provided to near 1,000 marketers and agencies since the company was founded in 2002.

MeiHua also operates a marketing professional portal site that aggregates communication industry news, advertising and media intelligence data, knowledge base, resource directory and online community. The site receives the highest traffic level in this B2B category with more than 2 million page requests per month (by July 2011). MeiHua also organizes industry seminars, dinner parties and training conference in major cities in China. It is widely recognized as the information hub for China’s advertising and marketing business society.

For international visitors, here is some basic information for you before contacting us.

 You are welcome to send a message via the contact form if you are interested in our products and services.

  1. China advertising market intelligence including advertising spending data
  2. China-based news tracking for peer monitoring or industry briefing
  3. China media product directory, covering thouands of press, television, radio and interactive media outlets.
  4. Interested in business development opportunities in China if you are similar to us in other markets

Please understand that not every staff is bi-lingual and be towards international contacts, so please trust in sending us written correspondence first before we getting back to you. And please allow us to provide English credential only by this page in the whole corporate site.


Phil Ren,  Chief Architect / MeiHua Information

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